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Choose to include while social distancing


The most effective thing you can do to help stop the spread of coronavirus is to stay home. However, social distancing doesn't mean distancing from inclusion or kindness.

Here are some ideas of how you can choose to include while social distancing:


Check in.

We're all in this together. Check in with your friends and family through texts, emails or social media. Send a funny GIF. Challenge someone to a virtual dance off. Leave positive comments. You don't need to be face-to-face to show some love.


Thank those on the front lines.

If you know anyone who works in healthcare, at grocery stores, pharmacies, or other community-critical businesses and organizations, thank them and thank them often. Consider sending gift cards or handwritten thank you notes.


Help those around you.

Social distancing is an important strategy that will help save lives. When you do need to leave the house to get necessities such as groceries or medications, check in with high-risk individuals in your neighborhood to see if you can pick anything up for them while you're at it.


Support local businesses.

COVID-19 will affect many small businesses and organizations that are important to our communities. You can help by leaving a positive review, making a donation or buying a gift card online for future use.


Avoid stigma and racism.

Avoid showing prejudice and assuming any certain race is more likely to have the coronavirus than others. If you see or hear racist comments, have the courage to speak up.

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